Following a two year break up, member departures, various personal obstacles and almost five years without a recorded release, Melbourne’s Getaway Plan have returned with their third album!

The album blasts open with the raw gritty sounds of ‘Landscapes’. There is a massive energetic atmosphere that paints a grim and menacing soundscape that charges along great force!

‘F(r)iend’ starts with a soft and sombre feel before gradually becoming menacing and raging. This reflects the subtle movements between Friend and fiend and adds even more feeling to the track! The title track is a darker and slower offering. While it is a slower and softer offering it doesn’t lack any energy with the slow burning stoner guitar roaring in the background creating a bleak yet vivid atmosphere.

The second half of the record takes a massive turn, from the loud and heavy rages to a more softer, laid back and melancholic vibe. ‘Dreamers parallels’ sounds more like a Jeff Buckley ballad. With a piano being the leading sound the song has a soft indie-pop feel, slowly moving along with deep melancholic depth. ‘Baby Bird Energy’ is an experimental indie-rock offering sounding somewhere between Ride and Muse. There is a good mix of calm shoegazy sounds and chaotic tunes to make this an intriguing tune that goes in various curious directions. ‘Monuments’ is a very stripped back offering, sounding something like a lazy Sunday afternoon with the music drifting by in a pleasant and chilled manner.

‘Exodus’ closes the album with a return to the big loud noise, in the form of a kind of rock ballad. The loud thrashing creates a big thick atmosphere full of live and energy that sees the album finish with a bang!

This is a great return from the band that shows off some heartfelt and passionate tunes. The band range their sounds from heavy, angry rock to soft sombre sounds with great feeling achieved across the two extremes. The Getaway Plan have returned!

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