This is the debut EP from New York City-based psychedelic dreampop four piece Malka. Full of experimental soundscapes, vivid imagery, and deep atmosphere this EP sees the band blast open with their own sound and style. There is something of a mixed bag in terms of styles being explored across the seven tracks with elements of shoegaze, metal, pop and rock. The three lead vocals , moving between English and Spanish lyrics further add to the interesting variance in sounds. All of this is held together with a continious stream of psyceldelic atmosphere that allows for an epic journey from start to finish!

‘A flock of crows’ opens the album with a big rock sound while at the same time having a chilled and hazy atmosphere. There is a Devin Townsend feel with an offbeat space rock vibe drafting by creating an engaging soundscape.
‘For now we live’ sees things become darker with a chilling melancholic atmosphere sounding somewhere between early Cure and Type-O-Negative. The deep bleak soundscape creates a moving emotional experience while the faint echoing background vocals add to the unnerving feeling!
‘Mientras Se Respira’ brings in a certain calmness with a soft and hazy shoegaze vibe sounding somewhere between Ride and Alcest. The Spanish lyrics has a kind of pretty feel that further adds to the calm vibe.

‘Wolves and Sheep’ is an intense yet slow metal tune. The heavy sounds create an all encapsulating atmosphere that gradually builds in intensity and power making you sink further into submission.
‘Diamond Girl’ is a massive contrast to the rest of the album. Taking on a more poppy energetic vibe with late Beatles-esq vocals. While this is by far the poppiest song on the record it is just as psychedelic with a spaced out early Pink Floyd atmosphere working its way through.

‘Corazon Sin Sangre’ is a deep shoegaze / metal tune. There are thick and rich waves of sound full on energy and colour contrasted nicely by soft and calm Spanish vocals!
The album closes with the heaviest track on the record in the form of the grungey rocking ‘Swoon’! There is a great raw energy exploited here combined with a solid Sonic Youth esq haze going over the top.

This is an amazing musical journey taking you through dark and unnerveing scenes, brighter chilled out moments, and everything in between wthout a single dull moment. The band have taken the best bits of all manner of styles and melded them into their very own brand of atmospheric psyceldelic rock! As this is their debut one can only wonder what they can come up with next!


Check out Malka’s website to find out more!