Members from two of the major pioneering groups in the spacey shoegaze rock scene have joined forces. Cocteau Twin’s Robin Guthrie has teamed up with Ride’s Mark Gardner to create some amazing music that brings out the best of both worlds!

Not surprisingly the album sounds like a Cocteau Twin’s album with Mark Gardner on vocals. Robin Guthrie brings in the dreamy atmospheric soundscapes that the Cocteau twins were famous for with a great chilled out vibe felt throughout the album. Meanwhile Mark Gardner’s chilled out vocals bring in the create relaxed vibe that is felt throughout!

There is quite a mix of styles explored across the tracks with elements of trip-hop, Brit-pop, and new age elements explored. All of this is melded together with a solid shoegazery vibe that allows the album to flow seamlessly.

The album opens with the placid title track. The mix of the clear and soft soundtrack and Mark’s calm but controlled voice creates a very endearing and relaxing sound that lulls you into a great comfort. The music drifts along beautifully with great elegance.
‘Dice’ has a more spacey new age feel to it with curious electronic sci fi activity in the background. Mr Gardner pours a heap of emotion into his voice, creating something very moving and uplifting.

‘Amnesia’ is possibly the track that sounds closest to Ride, albeit from their less noisy moments. The acoustic guitar leads the charge with subtle shoegazey vibes in the background.
Meanwhile ‘Old Friend’ is the closest to a Cocteau Twins tune with a great trip-hop backbone giving the song a nice dazy feel.
‘Cry for survival’ feels like the start of the morning, with the soft textures feeling like the sun starting to rise and create light. As a result the song gives out a certain warmth.
‘Triumphant’ is a bright and poppy tune, full of colour and life it is a very uplifting tune that brings in an abundance of brightness.
The album closes with the extremely chilled out ‘Blind’. With the music slowly going by the hazy atmosphere soon takes over to send you drifting off into the clouds!

This is very much a record for nostalgics with each member putting in the sounds that made the Cocteau Twins and Ride so special. At the same time there is more than enough put in to make this album stand up in its own right as a great atmospheric and moving record.

Check out Robin Guthrie’s or Mark Gardner’s website to find out more!