It’s the final Thursday of the month which means it’s time for me to think of a previous year and decide what 10 songs stood out the most in said year!

This year we are going back to the year Tomatrax came into existance (albiet under the name TRM).


Number 10: Malowski – Servo

Number 9: The Go-Betweens – Caroline and I

Number 8: REM – Bad day

Number 7: Junkie XL and Robert Smith – Perfect blue sky

Number 6: Massive Attack – Special Cases

Number 5: Mark Gardner – Snow in Mexico

Number 4: Type-O-Negative – I don’t want to be me

Number 3: Abdoujaparov – Beer Scooter

Number 2: Gelbison – Good God

Number 1: David Bridie and Dave Mason – Blue black sky