Darren Hart, AKA Harts and dubbed the “one-man music making machine”, has returned with another rocking EP!

On offer are 5 smooth and sexy rock and roll tunes sounding like a mix of Queen, Aerosmith, and Prince just to name a few. It’s not the most original music out there but like the Datsuns or the Murder Dolls, it doesn’t really matter because it is done with such charisma and energy that it becomes a really fun listen that shows off sounds similar to many rock greats in the past but done with a great fresh and energetic feel as well as a thick and moving atmosphere!

The album opens with the smooth rocking sounds of Breakthrough. There is a great slick rock and roll sound complemented by a cool bass line and a blazing guitar solo. This all results in a polished vintage rock sound!

When a Man’s a fool has a strong Living Color sound. The soft smooth blend of rock and jazz gives out a great nostalgi feel. Streets has a gritty garage feel spliced with a touch of Cream (the band not the dairy product).

Seven eight is an offbeat and slightly mellow tune. Rather than being fast and aggressive it goes for a deep soulful feel creating a loungey atmosphere. The EP closes with the dark and slow burning 6 minute epic Ain’t too far gone. The music drifts along slowly with a gritty and bleak atmosphere that drags you along the black alleys in the middle of the night! The massive roaring guitar solo towards the end ensures the EP finishes on a massive high!

This is a great rocking record. Harts seems to have picked his favourite parts of his favourite rock bands and meshed it all into this record! The result is yet another great collection of smooth yet energetic tunes!


Check out Hart’s website to find out more!