This mini album sees the Pretty Littles continue to develop their sound and songwriting ability. There is a great deal of feeling and emotion through the tracks. The band capture a great Australian regional atmosphere with many of the tracks transporting you to far away, remote corners of the continent. On top of this is an angry, gritty soundscape fuelled with passion and energy.

The lyrics in the tracks provide an additional layer. Upon first listen the vocals certainly add to the atmosphere and feeling of the music. However, listening carefully to the words provides even more meaning and feeling to the music that could be initially be overlooked due to the feeling of the music taking over. Thus this really is the sort of music that provides more and more upon each listen.

Dangerman sounds like Australian pub rock crossed with Green Day. There is a raw rural Australian atmosphere matched with a tight punk rock energy.

Sinking feeling has a dark post punk feel to it. The deep dark vibe creates an intense and chilling vibe making you feel like you are running around the outback at the middle of the night. Tegan Victoria is a gutsy raging garage rock tune that brings the energy of the mosh pit through the speakers.

Man Baby has a vintage Australian indie rock feel to it reminiscent of Pollyanna or possibly The Church. This works as a brilliant nostalgic tune that takes you right back to the 90s while still having a fresh feel to it.

Local Footy has a strong Australian country feel taking you out to a rural football field. The pleasant country sound is contrasted with the darker ironic lyrics proving harsh commentary of the cultural issues behind football! Back paddock blues is a gruelling eerie hard rock tune. The dark garage sounds become hypnotic and unnerving courtesy of the bleak and tense soundscape created. The mini album ends with a massive high and a massive blast through the intense and fierily rocking sounds of Religion is my favourite.

This is very much a release where the band have left nothing in the studio. They have put in everything they’ve got, both in terms of writing and delivery, and blasted it all out! There is not a dull moment on this release and the depth and layers behind each track mean there will be something new to be discovered upon each listen!

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