This is the first release from Postcode guitarist Kieran Ball’s new solo project Skyline Advantage. The EP has been describes as a collection of songs written over the past two years which were either intended for other projects that never saw fruition or that were too personal for anyone else to sing. As a result the EP feels a little patchy with the songs not really feeling like they belong together, rather it feels something like a mini b-sides album. Like most b-side albums out there it has a mix of songs that were unworthy of making the cut first time round, and others that were tragically underrated.

Perfect has a solid Brit-pop/indie rock sound to it, similar to Oasis or Glide. Better late than never is a faster paces punk rock offering. There is a rocking energy backing the song while there is also a sense of calmness in the delivery. While both songs are okay they are missing the charisma and originality that Mr Ball has contributed to Postcode. Instead they sound like standard rock/pop songs that are neither bad nor great. While it is clear they are both quite personal and meaningful to Mr Ball, the feeling isn’t quite transported over the music.

Fantom is a deeper indie sounding tune. The nice placid guitar creates a great feeling of melancholy while also offering a feeling of comfort. The shoegazy guitar solo towards the end is full of feeling and life and tops the song off nicely! The EP closes with the loud and experimental Mother. The loud spacey sounds provide a great thick and energetic atmosphere that charges along with great power to finish the EP on a massive high.

Overall this EP is rather hit and miss with two adequate songs and two great songs. However, given this is the left overs from other projects, it shows a lot of promise of what could be achieved in further, focused, releases from Skyline Advantage.

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