Mecha Mecha are a 5-piece alternative rock band based in Brisbane. Across the 5 tracks of this their debut EP, they show off their wide range of musical influences from blues, to indie rock, to grunge. The band meld their varying influences to create a deep layered sound that is full of moving emotion and a hypnotic atmosphere.

Cosmic confort is a more spacey and experimental version of Muse. There is a sense of quiet tension as the music soberly drifts along with a dark and unnerving backdrop. The calm controlled vocals add to the chilling vibe with a menacing undertone. The range of instruments and sounds work brilliantly to create a solid and deep atmosphere that keeps you in place along the epic ride.

Problememe is a curious tune that combines elements of post-punk, funk, and straight out rock. The different elements work side by side effortlessly creating a gritty atmosphere that is full of power and energy while also having a strange placid feel.

Brooches & Waltzes has a more relaxed and chilled out vibe, somewhat reminiscent of Travis. There is a soft and sweet shoe gaze vibe that floats along and allows you to drift off into a vivid daydream.

Frostbite is a complete departure from the previous tracks. Instead of the slow moving vibes this track speeds through with a massive racing funk vibe. The tight funky soundtrack is contrasted by a echoy but lively indie rock front end. The two elements, like salted caramel, somehow manage to work to create something quite different but very engaging.

The EP closes with Grease the Hinges recorded live. The track sounds like the Beach Boys with Flea on bass with colourful bright vocals (delivering less bright lyrics) backed with a funky bass line. The live recording isn’t the best quality and as a result the track loses a bit of its feel, nevertheless the band show how good they can sound even with sub prime recording.

This is a fantastic EP that is full of thick atmosphere that will move you into a hipnotic haze. At the same time the EP explores all manner of sounds and styles, with various contrasts working brilliantly to create effective unique sounds! Given this is the band’s first offering this shows some amazing promise of what is to come!

Check out Mecha Mecha’s website to find out more!