According to the press release, Dog Paper Submarine’s Martin Månsson Sjöstrand started his own record label for the purpose of putting this band’s music out because it was so good! Their debut EP suggests that he has a point as it is full of amazing tunes that are both extremely original while also having an infectious poppy vibe to them! Martin Månsson Sjöstrand introduced this band as not being your average pop music, listening to the EP suggested that may be the biggest understatement of the year.

The title track opens the EP and throws mainstream conventionalism completely out of the window. It sounds like the Hives mixed with Meseggah. The contrast of an industrial soundscape and a cheesy poppy tunes creates a weird and wonderful experience that is unnerving yet infectious and uplifting, like a block of good hot chilli chocolate it is both hot and sweet!

When satellites will fall takes the weirdness to another level. There is a dark and creepy vibe while the song races along with great racing style. The music is full of energy getting your head banging away while the chilling charismatic backdrop provides for an intriguing experience.

Even tall men have their doubts is a racey tune that sounds like a more experimental version of 80s pop. The track works as a strange journey with various experimental elements being visited along the way, all of which is held together by a solid poppy vibe.

Humiliation in the air has a Mi-Sex feel to it. The offbeat 80s esq electronic pop vibes are strangely endearing and provides something that is pleasant and intriguing.

This is an absolutely amazing EP! It seems no stone was left unturned when trying to come up with new and different sounds. At the same time they have managed to get the right balance between experimentation and familiar pop qualities. This EP shows that this is a band to get excited about in the future!

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