A creative collaboration from Sydney, Australia. Musically thematic, dark hip-pop and soulful taste – Slumberhaze debut creative concept named RHYME, RHYTHM & ROMANCE is a trilogy spanning 3 EPs, 6 music videos & 12 songs.

RRR Part 3 is set for release in June 2015, preceding the debut album RHYME, RHYTHM & ROMANCE (THE ALBUM) for November 2015.

Tomatrax caught up with Sash from the band to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
The original 3 – Zoran, Liam & I came from a defunct band we played around with for a bit, then knuckled down for 18 months and worked and refined and created what is now Slumberhaze.


Where did the name Slumberhaze come from?
I had written an original song named Slumberhaze, and Liam loved it, said ‘thats the name of our project’…


Where did you get the idea for a trilogy of EPs?
By allowing people to slowly digest our music and message. It isn’t typical, trendy or hip. Its us. We don’t believe the haze, so why should they?

You will have your debut album out in June, how will this compare with the first three EPs?
Well this June date may be compromised….Our 3rd EP will be out in June. The album, maybe end of 2015. The 3rd EP will be our best effort yet. Weirdness and cool shit.

How did you determine what songs went onto the EPs and what will make it on the album?
The album is more or less a concept album, called RHYME, RHYTHM & ROMANCE (THE ALBUM) – So when we finish the 3rd EP, we will choose 8 of the most fitting pieces, and record another 3 new tracks, and mix it like a story.


Your bio says how “one doesn’t know what the next track will be”, did you have any idea when releasing your first EP of the trilogy, what direction you would take?
It came to us, we knew which road to take this time around. We didn’t know what direction it would take, but the songs gave us the right road to take.
Your live shows are said to be unconventional with spoken word, jams, and visuals. Where do you get the ideas for the different elements of your shows?
The songs. Everything is in the music. I really think the sound is very theatrical, its story like. I have zero attention span, so if the song begins to bore, I divert and create scenes that will interest me. So its catered to the elusive, wandering mind.
Your latest singe, Nothing but you is the theme song for upcoming film Vetus. What was it like to write a theme tune?
It was great, it was a privilege. Alan Chen (Writer) explained the script,it included revenge, blood thirsty vampires and a plot that spins centuries: so I was excited to write something. It took 90 mins and Nothing But You was ready.

The single has been added to rotation on Triple J and Double J, what’s it like hearing your songs on the radio?
It’s great, thats one of our main aims, and the more it happens the more we are motivated to stay on track.
Do you ever listen to your own music?
I will listen obsessively to demos and tracks in pre production for months/years, then, when they are mastered and finally on the EP, pressed, I don’t listen to them anymore. Its almost like an ex-wife, not bothered.


What music do you listen to?
Hip Hop, lots of it. Its so simple & trivial. There is indie hip hop and well written hip hop that is evocative, but I mostly delve into the lowest level, trap, shit talking hip hop. Its so easy that I can relax and not have to think anymore, and just repeat “I got hoes, I got blow, I got money, Ill kill you honey” – Ive been into rap since I was 4.
What do you plan on doing once your LP is out?
Once this EP is out, we are back in the studio (after touring) – then when the LP is out, it will be our busiest time yet (forecast).
We have 3 Albums we have already named, already plotted rough sketches in regards to theme and direction, so we will have a lot to do over the next 10 years, health and sanity permitting.



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