This is the debut EP from Perth three piece grunge outfit Girl York! The band pick out elements of punk, Brit-pop, and shoegaze, and mix it all together to get their own sound!

Up and down again has a kind of Brit-pop vibe in the vein of Blur or Supergrass. There is a great colourful vibe throughout that is mixed with a cool echoing atmosphere. The track closes with a dreamy outro. Dream of you takes on an eerie psychedelic feel with strange experimental sounds going off in various directions climaxing with a bit distorted rock jam towards the end. Drunk sex is a bleak post punk tune similar to the Clash or very early Cure. There is a strong gritty feel making you feel like you are crawling through a dark alleyway at night. This is further encased with the bursts of punk rock energy.


Racing Dolphins has a shoegaze vibe to it with a haze atmosphere drifting over the music. Body lies is the ballad of the EP. The song is soft and laid back with pleasant sounds floating by nicely and acts as a nice warm down closer to the EP.

This is a promising debut that sees dreamy shoegaze hazy meet harsh punk rock grit and shows off the bext of both worlds!

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