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The second album from Manchester’s Slow Readers Club has a massive 80s nostalgic feel to it. There is a deep synth-pop feel throughout, reminiscent of the Human League or Duran Duran. The band take these sounds one step further by taking the bits of their favourite 80s bands they liked and adding a deep dark atmosphere in behind. As a result the record sounds like it could have been released 30 years ago while still providing something new and joyous to the ear!

Start again opens the album with a great feeling of nostalgia for the 80s. There is a great spacey electronic vibe working its way through.

I saw a ghost takes on a darker more confronting feel further emphasized by the moody Ebenezer Scrooge reminiscent lyrics delivered with a great dead pan approach.

Forever in your debt is a spooky yet poppy offering. The dark chilling backdrop created great depth and atmosphere.

Don’t mind is a curious departure, taking on lighter dreamer outer shell accompanied by a hypnotic indie-style sing-a-long chorus and some shoegaze-esq detours.

The title track has a strong Temper Trap feel to it but soon drifts towards a more chaotic and rocky front. Fool for your philosophy is a fast dancey tune that maintains a certain Joy Division-esq moody background, sounding like New Order and Joy Division put together. Here in the hollow is a spacey shoe-gaze tune fuels with a hazy atmosphere. This is followed in start contrast by the bleak and minimalist Secrets. In most parts consisting of a piano and vocals, the song sees the bleakness of the record reach its peak!

The album closes in a brighter fashion with the up-beat, Pet Shop Boys reminiscent Know the day will come.

This is a great collection of tunes that takes the best bits of electro-pop and makes them all as bleak as possible! Each track is full of life, atmosphere, and above all feeling. If you ever wondered what Joy Division might have sounded like if Ian Curtis ever cheered up, this might give you an idea!

Check out the Slow Readers Club’s webpage to find out more!