Once a punk rock drummer in former band Dangerous, Adelaide’s Jarrad Lee Jackson has taken a new direction producing, recording as well as singing and writing his own work as World Wild. He has just released his debut EP and is about to tour round Australia. Tomatrax caught up with World Wild to ask a few questions.
You’ve just released your debut EP, what’s it like to have it out?
It feels great, its the coolest thing I’ve ever done! I was writing music for that release right till the end so now I’m writing for the next record, which is also exciting.
Was it hard to pick what made it on the EP?
I wrote and recorded 3 albums worth of music in the last year, I kept connected to it all but I felt okay with releasing the songs that painted the clearest picture for me.
What made you pick Caribbean Gold as the title track?

Caribbean Gold was a poem sent to me by my father, he was living in Barbados at the time and I thought I would surprise him, I flipped his poem upside down and made a song out of it. This ones for him

Your bio says your music captures the souls of dwellers in synth-pop nostalgia, do you feel any nostalgia towards synth-pop?
deeply felt emotion, as conveyed by a performer or artist, I believe nostalgia creates a monstrous amount of emotion
You’re about to tour in support of your EP, what can fans expect from your show?
The live show will be a full band, playing every song from the record “Caribbean Gold”.
Where did the name World Wild come from?
World Wild came from a vision I had and still have, I had the name before the music, I have a huge imagination
What made you decide to use an alias rather than your actual name?
To be honest it never even crossed my mind to use my actual birth name, I think that’s because I come from a “Band” background.
You were previously the drummer of punk rock band Dangerous, what made you choose to make such a change both in your role and style of music?
When Dangerous! had stopped touring and the band started to dissolve I was suffering from major anxiety, out of necessity I started to make my own music. I like to think that World Wild is a combination of all my favourite artists, especially ones I loved as a child. My ultimate goal in life is to make music that makes me happy and to be happy
How does being the drummer of a band compare with leading a solo project?
In a band I was feeding off of other peoples energy, as a solo producer I’m feeding off of my own emotions and I guess thats why nostalgia is a huge part of my music, if a sound reminds me of a time or a photo or a song I loved as a child I usually stick with it.
Do you ever listen to your own music?
I listen to my music over and over, I love my own music, I make it out of selfishness, its for me. I also have songs that I won’t ever show anyone haha
What other music do you listen to?
At the moment
Sunglasses kid
Mike and the mechanics
Malcolm Mclaren
Blood orange
Midnight star
What do you plan on doing after your tour?
I plan on writing music for other people, I have a few colabs to do which is very exciting, I will be back in the studio writing another World Wild record.

Thursday 21st May 2015
Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC
Free Entry

Saturday 23rd May 2015
Penny Black, Melbourne VIC
Free Entry

Thursday 4th June 2015
Captain Cook Hotel,  Sydney NSW
Free Entry

Friday 5th June 2015
Studio Six, Sutherland, NSW
Door Sales

Saturday 6th June 2015
Small Ballroom, Newcastle NSW
Door Sales

Friday 12th June 2015
Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
Door Sales

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