The wistful collection skips through Spektor-inspired widescreen pop, Greenwich-Village folk, and sees tunes that could sit comfortably on playlists between Feist and Cat Power. Receiving rotation on Double J for her first single ‘I Will Be’. Second single ‘My Romantic’ is now set for release with a fresh new clip and new racing identity. Tomatrax caught up with Lisa to discuss her music.

You’ve been writing and performing for over a decade, what made you decide to finally release an EP?

After going through the process and seeing how do-able it actually is, I’m not sure why it took so long! I just enjoyed writing and playing live shows. I guess in 2013/2014, the time felt right. I had been working on the arrangements for a full set with the band, and bumped into a producer I had known at a gig. Having given a few offers to record by different people in the past, after chats with Adam, it didn’t take long to realise that he was someone I could definitely see myself working with and could trust to help me record and release my first EP 🙂

Given you’ve been writing music for over a decade; is there a back catalogue of music that you want to put out?

I’ve thought a lot about the next set of releases. There’s definitely songs I’ve kept in the live show that I’d love to put out, but now that I’m writing more, I also want to explore what else I can do. Not ruling them out though. Some people’s favourites that come to the live shows are the ones not released.

Was it hard to pick what made it onto the EP?

Ah, yes and no. The obvious couple of songs stood out that they must be on there, and then I wanted to make sure the EP was coherent, and so it wasn’t too hard to paint the rest of the story with what I and the band had left.

What made you choose Take a walk as the title track?

Take A Walk is a song I wrote maybe seven years ago now and it’s always stuck out as one that really speaks to me. It’s a breakup song that didn’t take long at all to write, and one that has evolved alot through the years. I like the sentiment in the title. It’s meant to symbolise discovering what’s out there; which is a large theme in all five tracks. A positive and optimistic message, although it might sound otherwise 😉


You’ve begun playing shows in support of your latest single, how has that been going?

Yeh really good. I feel like I’m starting to reach more audiences and get myself out there. Always a wonderful thing seeing new faces and meeting new people at gigs that like what they have seen and heard.

You played your music as a duo for a long time, was it hard to transition to a full band?

I think it was more of a case that it was easier to organise one other person! Tough gig trying to organise rehearsals and dates and things for 5 or more people. But in saying that, the music really works in the duo setup. Before I brought the band in, people had asked why I even thought it necessary. Good to know I can still play duo or solo, but the band is way exciting 🙂

What was the inspiration behind the video clip for My Romantic?
The main idea is that I wanted it to visually represent the forward motion in music and lyric. Then hoped the sense of adventure and joy would also come through. A couple of scenes were meant to be added, but things happen,. and we settled on three main ideas which we were happy with that all tie in together. My producer explained it as seeing three different sides, and the voodoo that is Lisa Caruso. hah

You mentioned on Facebook that you need to listen to music when running, what is the best music for you to run to?

Oh it’s always a random selection. Lately I have just been going down my itunes in alphabetical order. I went through a bit of a Jazz phase once. Antonio Carlos Jobim is a favourite. Don’t need the high energy to go faster, just the talents of some fine musicians. hah. It’s inspiring, and a good way to listen to music on the go!

In addition to being a musician you are also a music teacher, how does teaching compare with writing and performing?

I find that teaching can help with writing and performing. My students teach me too! I’m constantly being introduced to music I may have not otherwise come in touch with. They also say teaching is the best way to improve on your own skills. Nice to be able to share and create with younger and older generations around you.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I do keep a cd of mine in my car and will randomly put it on. Guilty! hah. It is nice to be able to enjoy the hard work you put into something. I couldn’t be happier with the production and mastering so it’s an easy listen.

What other music do you listen to?

I like a lot of different genres. I’ve recently gotten back into Burt Bacharach, and have discovered the new Sufjan Stevens album. The other day whilst I was cooking, I put on TLC. I can appreciate alot of music. It’s all in the song! But as far as loyalty, I do love The Wainwright family. Feist, Hawksley Workman and Leonard Cohen have also always been favourites. Something about Canadians! And 60’s pop. I love the drama in 60’s pop.

What do you plan on doing after your current tour?

I’m actually planning a trip to American in June/July. Can’t wait to check out the live music scene over there and just explore! I’m also super excited about writing. I recently bought a small home recording setup, and once I figure out how to use it, I’ll be doing some demo’s and hope to release some more new music toward the end of the year!



Saturday 2nd May – Django Bar, MARRICKVILLE
Thursday 14th May (duo) – Porchlight Sessions, Petersham Bowling club
Sunday 14th June – The Union Hotel, NEWTOWN

Check out Lisa Caruso’s website to find out more!