Parties is a bit of a drone super group featuring PD Wilder (Hotel Hotel, More States), Joe Morgan (The Late Virginia Summers), & Andrew Weathers. This 5in5 offering puts out 5 one minute tunes each covering a type of tea based on shimmering guitars, glitching synths, & reverb.

To be honest, none of these songs made me think of tea nor did they especially make me want to drink tea (and I really like tea!) That being said they did each offer their own kinds of soundscapes and atmosphere that provided for some interesting journeys.

Earl Grey is a slow yet intense offering. The ambient sounds start strong and fierce before slowly fading away. Darjeeling as an earthy atmosphere to it, with the sounds gently fluttering around to give a feeling of wondering around a rainforest. Matcha has a spacey vibe to it making you feel like you’ve just stepped aboard a starship and are about to take off. Sencha carries on in this vibe, feeling like you’ve stepped off the spaceship and are exploring some foreign land. Finally comes the hazy sounds of Mate bustling through before drifting away.

As is the case with a lot of these releases all of the songs here could have been extended beyond the length of the EP before feeling too long. Nevertheless they do provide a brief snipped of far away places, a bit like a travel brochure.

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