Following a series of sensational EPs, Eliza Hull has put together her debut full length album. Eliza’s music has been known for its moody atmosphere and passionate yet versatile vocals. The ten songs on offer here are no exception. Once again Eliza takes you on an epic journey full of amazing sounds and experiences.

The album opens with the icy sounds of Walk Away. A slow trip-hop beat works its way through an ambient, almost drony, backdrop. Eliza’s brooding vocals provides a kind of guide through the dark mysterious musical journey.

Caught has a trip-hop feel here with the interesting looping drum beats. There is a lot of emotion felt through the song with the soft and dark soundtrack. As always Eliza puts in massive amounts of passion into her vocals with the angst and struggle being felt the whole way through!

Christopher is reminiscent of This Mortal Coil. The music creates a deep, dark, and haunting atmosphere! Eliza once again pours every bit on emotion into her vocals to top off the vivid and moving soundscape. Absolutely stunning!

Used to is a cold but beautiful tune led by a chilling piano. Eliza’s echoing vocals add to the atmosphere courtesy of a heap of power and emotion. The guest vocals courtesy of Texture Like Sun add a further dimension to the song with a deep but calm delivery complementing Eliza’s voice brilliantly!

My Army is by far the most poppy song on the album. A fast trip-hop beat paired with tight and sharp vocals provides for a brief speedy contrast!

Dreamer has a smooth ambient feel with each element flowing along nicely. Eliza’s vocals seem to melt to gel in with the music further adding to the chilled out ambient feel.

Bella Lou is the minimalist yet abundantly atmospheric offering. Consisting of a few piano notes Eliza manages to paint a bleak yet vivid soundscape. Her vocal delivery has a certain icy feel to it that adds to the overall chilling feel of the song.

The album closes with the soft and deep Head above water. The atmosphere paired with the arrangements make you feel as if you are floating around mostly under water. The track starts soft but builds up towards the end, feeling like a water fall has taken life and is coming over you!

Once again Eliza Hull has put together some sensational sounds complete with vivid atmosphere and moving tunes, this time round she’s taken it one step further with a whole album’s worth of amazing music!

Check out Eliza Hull’s website to find out more!