This is the debut album from New Zealand’s Hannah Curwood, AKA Hannah in the Wars. On offer are 10 stunning tracks that are full of atmosphere and vivid imagery taking you off to far away and mysterious places guided by Hannah’s beautifully crafted vocals. The album has been produced by The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell, who has added his special stamp on the sound adding to the depth and layering of sounds.

The album opens with the power ballad sounds of Burning through the night. The music soon transports you out in some deserted woods in the middle of the night. Hannah’s strong and passionate vocals charge through the bleakness with great force adding a roar of energy.

The hunter is a slower, more placid lounge offering. The piano drifts along smoothly with Hannah’s vocals floating above nicely. Soft violins towards the end of the track finish it off nicely.

Rear view mirror baby is a dark, chilling, yet strangely poppy offering. There is the feeling of driving around a dimly lit road in the middle of nowhere. The cool echoing vocals further adds to the song’s stunning atmosphere.

Watch the dog grow old together is a soft but melancholic tune consisting of a minimalist piano and Hannah’s quiet vocals. The simple arrangements are delivered with great emotion and precision to paint a bleak yet vivid soundscape.
Sweet Release is a slow folk tune sounding like My Friend the Chocolate Cake crossed with Tori Amos.

Only wanna be is a heart felt sombre indie pop tune. The charismatic backing vocals provide a beautiful backdrop that adds an extra level of depth to the song.
Infidel has a hazy grungy alt rock feel to it. There is a subtle surfy vibe to the sound, making you feel like you are at a beach at sunset.
The album closes with the chilled out Dark summer dawn.

This is an amazing debut album. Each track is beautifully crafted with vivid imagery, and dark lyrics delivered with passion and emotion.


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