Portuguese experimental music producers Aires and Rui P Andrade have teams up to put together half an hours worth of drone / ambient sounds.

Neither Aires nor Rui P Andrade have ever been known for making mainstream, standard songs, and this is not even remotely close to being anything that even resembles an exception. This is pure experimental, industrial music. Like an abstract painting at an alternate art exhibition, this is not the sort of music that will appeal to everyone nor will it all make sense at first. Rather this is the sort of music that requires the listener to patiently consider with a very open mind.

Panico opens with harsh industrial sounds sounding like the more experimental parts of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon being remixed by Einstürzende Neubauten. Drilling sounds, not disimilar from the clocks at the start of Time, come in at the 3 minute mark. This is followed by a thick “guitar distortion” sounding string, reminiscent of Metal Machine Music only with a atmosphere and sense of direction. The distortion sounds continue with muted guitars sounds droning and screeching their way through. As the track continues it gradually builds in intensity with element upon harsh element floating their way in, leading to all manner of chaotic activities going off at each other. There is no holding back here with the whole 20 minute experience being harsh and heavy.

In the end the track is a little too long. By the 17th minute it feels like everything that was going to be explored has been, with the same ground being cover after short moments of silence.

Ambiente takes off with thumping beats, sounding like a group of horses trampling through a thick dark storm. As the track progresses it feels like the storm gets stronger and more intense and eventually becomes an electrical storm with all the lighting, thunder, and destruction that follows! It doesn’t let up from there as the sounds get even faster, heavier, and more confronting without drawing for breath.

This is a very powerful release and a very full on experience. There are all manner of harsh and vivid soundscapes throughout with a bleak metallic industrial atmosphere surrounding all corners. Like most experimental drone music this is an acquired taste and its harsh industraial sounds provides a very challenging listen. However for fans of heavy drone music, this will be a furfilling journey!

Check out Aires’ Bandcamp page to find out more!