This is the first EP from Melbourne’s (or as they like to call it Ghaulbourne) outfit Coffin Carousel, and it’s one to get excited about. The six tracks create a droning, raw, and gritty soundscape that sees everything from goth, post-punk, metal, shoegaze, and at times folk thrown into the massive pot. There is an over pouring of atmosphere as the music drags you in kicking and screaming and won’t let go until the very end!

The EP blasts open with speed and power in the form of the opera-metal esq sounds of Sinister. There is great gothic atmosphere that is complemented with heavy and roaring guitars.


Fiend City continues the momentum with a slow burning post punk vibe sounding like Joy Division crossed with Black Sabbath. The spooky chilling undertones mixed with the grungy distorted guitars paints a vivid gritty soundscape.



Here to betray takes you to an even darker, more gritty place making you feel like you are wondering a grave yard at midnight. Virus in a tea cup brings on a slow hypnotic vibe in the vein of Les Discret or Alcest. The echoing vocals backed with the metallic shoegazy soundtrack makes for a haunting experience. Dark mystique closes the EP with a curious mix of metal and folk sounds with solid violin adding to the depth of the song and ensuring the EP finishes on as big a high as it began.


This is one mighty debut offering that doesn’t let up at any stage. The EP is a raw, fierce, and gruelling set of tracks that make for one epic if not haunting journey. Coffin Carousel are one of the most exciting new metal outfits around!


Check out Coffin Carosuel’s website to find out more!