Sydney based Surf Rock/Roots outfit Mar Haze have just released their latest single ‘Here She Comes’, and are preparing for a run of tour dates across New South Wales. Tomatrax cought up with Jarin, drummer of the band, to ask a few questions.
How did the band form? 
Dean,chris and kane all met at jmc academy and from there they started playing around. Myself (jarin) joined after their drummer left, I went to school with kane so i had met the boys previously so didnt think twice about joining.
Where did the name Mar Haze come from?
Well im pretty sure Mar is “sea” in spanish so its fitting considering we spend most of our tour time surfing in between shows! So add that to haze and we had a band name.
What made you pick Here she comes as your latest single?
This was a track we recorded some time ago, we were waiting for the right moment to drop it. We have had a few upbeat singles and it felt right to send out a song to show a bit of diversity musically.
Whose lips are on the single’s cover?
Those are the singers! For a while now he has been complimented on the softness and feminine lushness of his lips so with a bit of lippy it came out great! Haha
Are there any plans to put out an EP or LP following this single?
We have just been into the studio with ian pritchett (beautiful girls) and have started work on a 6 track ep which should be out mid may. We have long needed a new ep so this will have all our new work on it which we are pretty stoked with.

You’ll be touring New South Wales next month, what can fans expect from your show?

We try and bring an energetic, hard hitting show to every gig. We are pretty nice blokes too so you should get a decent conversation out of us as well. 

What was it like to play at the Australian Surf Open?
Great! The venue was pumping and we got  awesome response from the crowd, when you look out across a mass of people grooving to something your playing, there is no better feeling.
What was the inspiration behind the Alice in Wonderland-esq video for Free Rider?
Dunno really. Bago maze is right around the corner from kanes parents so we thought lets dress up and run through it. The alice twist sort of gave us a storyline to run with!
Your music has been described as being very laid back, does that reflect your approach when writing and performing your music?
Not really hey, we are very critical of our music and we tend to lock ourselves away for a few daysCheck  to write until its the best we can make it. Our shows are never laid back, we always get too excited and the crowds usually get a bit nuts on us too.
Do you ever listen to your own music?
Only in the studio, and when we are forced to when our friends put it on. In saying that though you do get a sense of pride listening to something you have put hard work into.
What music do you listen to?
Everything, nothing is off limits. You have to have to be open to grow as an artist.
What do you plan on doing after your tour?
Booking another tour. We love playing and its the only way to achieve anything in the music industry.
Check out Mar Haze’s webpage to find out more!