Imani Hutton is a singer/songwriter/drummer from Maryland. This is her debut album. Written over a 5 year period the record documents several significan stages of her life in great personal detail.
The album covers a wide range of styles including jazz, soul, hip-hop, electronic, pop, and many others. Each are pulled off with great flair. There is also a great range of themes and feelings covered with everything from deep dark and contenting to cheerful and bright. On top of this it’s clear that there has been a lot of emotional investment put into the music. This results in a heartfelt and personal journey joins the various styles and moods seamlessly.

The album opens with the aptly titled The Beginning. With an intriguing sci-fi feel combined with a robotic narration this sets the scene for what’s to come.

Find a way to love is a sombre yet confronting tune. The calm vocals delivering harsh lyrics mean the confronting themes sink in.
Grateful for your love is a more upbeat yet chilled out tune with a much more happy message. Unlike many other “happy” songs there is a deeper meaning to the vibe that allows one to reflect in content.
Just can’t help myself is a funky dance tune in the vein of Pharrell Williams. There is a great balance between catchy lively sounds and a laid back chilled out vibe so that the song gets the best of both worlds.
Out to you / Come throu fount is a major highlight to the album, going for over 10 minutes it covers a broad range of sounds starting with some chilled spacey atmosphere and closing with a smooth jazzy jam! 
The album closes with The Ending, which sees Imani and guest contributor Dre Waldon II discussing what they thought of the album.
This is a great debut that shows a lot of promise! Imani puts her heart and soul into her album resulting in a very moving record!
Check out Imani Hutton’s webpage to find out more!