To celebrate International Women’s day for 2015, we are once again reflecting on the great contribution women have made to music with our second annual Tomatrax International women’s day top 10.

Last year Tomatrax focused on solo female artists from Australia, so this time round we are looking at solo female artists from around the world. Here are the top 10 songs from the past few years from female artists representing 9 countries around the world.

10. Sara Valenzuela – lado este

9. Tarja Turunen – Until my last breath

8. Juleah – the Verge

7 Lune – Made of steel

6. Bjork – Crystalline

5. PJ Harvey – Bitter branches

4. Anda Volley – Laura in the machine

3. Lorde – Tennis court

2. Frankie Rose – Night swim

1. Sylvaine – Dysphoria