Melbourne’s four piece hard core punk rock outfit The Clowns are back with another hard hitting collection of intense attacks on your ears!

This is as intense as hard core punk rock gets. From start to finish there is a full on barrage of intensity that will make your ears bleed beyond repair! The band really manage to capture the energy, intensity, and atmosphere of the live gig! So much so that you could be forgiven for feeling the need to duck and dodge to avoid that flying glass of beer! The enticing cocktail of catchy tunes and raw distortion is topped off by Stevie’s dry screams.

The rough and ready distorted guitars at the opening of Human Error set the scene for what is to come. Following the one minute intro the band thrash through a 90 seconds of thick and fast intensity.
Never enough is a stoner rocking tune. Speeding through there are some amazing riffs that are raw and gritty but also have a great depth and atmosphere to them.
Euthanise me is a perfect mix of raging loud noise some clever catchy hooks that will get you dancing along from the beginning.

Next comes a duo of short fast and loud 90 second shots of intense metal in the form of Figure it out, and Infected. This is followed by the post punk influenced instrumental title track.

Swallow your dreams sees the metal intensity hit its peak with every element running on overdrive.

The album closes with the 11 minute prog rock anthem Human Terror. This is something of a contrast to the previous half hour of music with a slower, and more more atmosphere sound being explored similar to that of Tool or Metallica’s more experimental moments.

There is no doubt this is rock at its finest! There is no padding whatsoever as every track packs in a mass of grunt! This is every punk analogy involving some kind of violence combined!

Check out the Clowns’ website to find out more!