Silber Records have been rolling out their 5in5 project where artists record a 5 track EP that goes for a total of 5 minutes to help artists who don’t have the time or energy to put together a full album the chance to get something out. This release comes from duo Black Wedding who have been around for some ten years but have had few releases due to other commitments.

The opening track Breathe is a major highlight and a superb example of what can be achieved in just over one minute. Launching straight in, there is a deep spacey new age atmosphere packed with action. While the track is extremely short, like a piece of supreme dark chocolate, its extreme richness makes it more than satisfying!

A moment is a racey 30 second keyboard led instrumental in the vein of Mike Oldfield’s more electronic work. Blinds is an energetic dance tune that bounces about with great speed while also feeling very chilled out and laid back.

Pre curser has the name suggests is the stripped back intro to the closing tune Curser, a deep and spacey new age tune full of spacey atmosphere with an echoing techno twist.

This is a brilliant release that is brave, creative, and tightly packed with activity. This is one of the shortest releases I’ve listened to, and yet it feels no less than complete!

Check out Silber Records’ website to find out more!