Chicago three piece the Thons are back with another load of raw rock that is an exact textbook example of all killer and no filler!

Put simply the Thons’ sound is something along the lines of Joy Division meets the Shadows. There is a deep dark post punk vibe throughout along side some cool surfy guitars giving a feeling of the beach late at night. On top of this are the Ian Curtis-esq vocals that add a further layer of punk charisma!

The EP opens with the one and three quarter minute surf rock instrumental Woo. Fast, furious, and full of energy the track races along with great power and atmosphere.
Lose control has all the elements of a classic garage rock tune, it is rough, raw, and gritty while also having the Thons special psychedelic twist.
Bring me has all the charm of a sunny 60s rock and roll tune spliced with just enough rawness to give it a punky feel.
Feeling alive is reminiscent of Public Image Limited’s early work with a nice balance of raw rock and a spooky / spacey backdrop.
The EP closes with the most polished track on offer in He Lives. There is a relative calmness combined with a slick poppy feel that closes the release nicely.

This is yet another solid release from The Thons as they continue their special brand of rock. With 8 tracks clocking in under 25 minutes this is a very trim release with no filler to be found!

Check out the Thons’ webpage to find out more!