I have four names is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist Will Evatt. Like the previous releases of I have four names Mr Evatt does almost everything on the release himself in his own bedroom. To some extent convention has been thrown out the window along with any possibility of a slick or polished sound. The result is something that is quite out there, in some ways rough and ready but above all something well beyond ordinary.

The EP opens with Greyscale Gold, an offbeat electro tune in the vein of The Presets crossed with early Regurgitator. There is quite a bit of experimentation resulting in something that is quite outthere with a mix of spacey sounds and fast beats.

The next veneration is a raw rocking dance tune. There is a certain DIY feel to the track but really that’s what gives it its charm. It’s fun, wild and not taking itself too seriously!

Ellicit is a chilling ball of energy. The unnerving lyrics delivered with cool calmness paired with the spooky soundtrack creates a strange dark and gritty atmosphere!

The EP closes with the title track. A cool and catchy indie pop tune with elements of Belle and Sebastian and Weezer. The music is smooth and poppy with an interesting mix of sounds fading in and out of the sound ranging from a heavy guitar to an 80s style keyboard. The lyrics are slickly delivered with great tongue and cheek.

This is an offbeat but endearing collection of tunes. It is far from your usual pop dance music and may take a while to fully appreciate it all. However it’s the sort of music that really grows on you and won’t get boring anytime soon!

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