The Isle of Man’s Postcode have continued their obsession with Zebras with their sequel to last years Year of the Zebra Part One, aptly titled Year of the Zebra Part Two. The sequel is much darker than its predecessor with the music taking off in all directions covering a comprehensive selection of punk and garage rock.

Take me as I am is a dark and slow post punk offering sounding like a rawer version of Portishead. The music paints a bleak but vivid soundscape that dragged you through deserted side streets late at night.

Summer is paradoxically even darker and rougher. A dirty grungy guitar runs through the track contrasting against the soft yet strong vocals from Marie Reynolds.
The one and a quarter minute Caroline provides a kind of intermission with some brighter songs and a brief yet vibrant psychedelic outtro.
The day will come opens in a sombre fashion with a subtle psychedelic backdrop. It soon picks up and takes on a poppy uplifting vibe bursting with a flurry of colour.

Echo has the classic raw garage rock sound. Starting out stripped back it gradually builds towards a massive blast of distortion!

The EP closes with the 7 minute ballad November. The music moves along in a slow and sombre fashion with droning guitars. Before long the droning sounds break lose to present a furious electric guitar solo that sets a high energy level finishing the EP off with a long lasting blast!

Postcode have continued to develop their sound pushing the boundaries in all directions. With the best bits of post punk, grunge, and psychedelic rock finding their way into the mix there is a lot of like about this EP!

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