Alphabetical Order Orchestra, are a group from Glasgow, Scotland, three of whom formerly played in My Latest Novel. This is the debut EP from the group. The four tracks provide something of a mixed bag with elements of indie, Brit-pop, R&B, and various other elements working their way into the sound. At the same time the band have their own style that allows the songs to hang together nicely.

The opening track, The Architect, has a great 90s nostalgic feel to it. There is a big breezy indie rock atmosphere in the vein of Teenage Fan Club or Glide. The music gently drifts along lightly with a lot of air and space while at the same time having a great bright poppy vibe to it!

The Corrections is even more laid back track that brings out the chilled yet subtly melancholic Brit-pop vibe reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian. The music gradually builds up a little to become a passionate but chilled sing-a-long.

Supergods takes a sharp musical twist with a R&B feel complete with a fast tight beat and some cool background harmonies.

The EP closes with the stripped back Waves. There is a mix of laid back country sounds and loud grungy sounds both of which bring out a slow burning energy that is relaxing yet engaging.

This is a great introduction to Alphabetical Order Orchestra’s music. There is a good sample of the various styles that they are able to pull off while also establishing their own sound. This EP firmly puts Alphabetical Order Orchestra as the next Scottish indie rock band to look out for!

Check out Alphabetical Order Orchestra’s website to find out more!