Alanna Eileen is a solo singer songwriter from Melbourne. In this, her debut release, Alanna is already demonstrating great maturity in her sound which is equally matched with her intelligent and soulful lyrics. In most cases the songs are backed with only an acoustic guitar or a piano. This minimalist approach manages to exert great atmosphere and feeling with a strong earthy feel flowing through the EP. On top of this Alanna’s beautiful voice follows the tunes and their feelings perfectly.

The album opens with the slow sounds of Reliquary. The gentle guitar paints a beautiful soundscape feeling like you’re in the woods as the sun is about to rise up.

Absent tonight has a feeling of sun creeping through the window. The music gently drifts in to gradually fill the room. This is complemented by Alanna’s gorgeous vocals which are soft yet potent in adding the subtle emotion that finishes the song off.
Clear is a darker offering with a slightly chilling feel to it. Alanna’s vocals have a more vulnerable feel to it that has a slight feel of angst that has the right balance of strength and feeling.

First curse has a Nick Drake feel to it. The soft minimalist guitar gives off a beachy / rural feel.
The mirror and the mine is the major tear jerker to the release. The softly crafted vocals on top of the faint minimalist guitar and piano put out volumes of emotion, the begging agonising vocals ensure that every bit of feeling, showing how loud a quiet tune can actually be.
Stranded see the album close off with just as much beauty as it began although a fair bit darker. Every note of the sombre tune is filled with emotion.

This is an absolutely amazing release which sees every element carefully put together to allow for much to be said with very little. This is an artist to get excited about!

Check out Alanna Eileen’s website to find out more!