Tasmanian rockers the Captives have returned with their second EP. I’ve never seen the band play live but listening to this EP makes me feel like I have. They have managed to pack in the energy, atmosphere, and pretty much everything bar the smell of a live show!

The EP blasts open with Insomnia! A full on hard core rock tune that doesn’t hold back. This is exactly how rock should sound! There are blasting guitars, thumping drums, and the energetic, aggressive screams of someone who sounds like he hasn’t had any sleep for the last two days, which would explain the lyrics.

This is followed up by Into the future. Basically this song sounds like a crowded moshpit with everyone jumping up and down with furious energy and intencity! The band have really captured the sound and feel of a live show with all the raw energy that goes with it! On top of this the sharp tongues lyrics delivered with great charisma adds something extra to think about after the most pit soreness has faded and your hearing comes back.

Already dead is three minutes of intense, raw, and loud garage rock. The track blasts open wit a heap of energy and doesn’t let up. There is a good mix of grunge, metal, and punk to create a solid sound that has a solid gritty atmosphere. At the same time you can hear that the members are enjoying themselves here which translates into something that is a lot of fun.

This EP is one action packed EP full of rocking noise with each track blasting through with great power. This is pure head banging music!

Check out Captives website to find out more!