Perth garage rockers Thee Gold Blooms have just released their self-titled debut album. The album was largely recorded live in a small bedroom with very few microphones. Tomatrax caught up with Dylan from the band to ask a few questions. 

How did the band form?

Three of us worked together for a few years and we had talked about forming a band. We all have pretty similar musical tastes so one weekend we decided to have a bit of a jam and we liked the noise we made. The band was probably formed after that first jam.

Where did the name Thee Gold Blooms come from?

The name is meant to evoke the spectacular facial features of the world’s best man Jeff Goldblum.The “Thee” with an extra E is a thing garage rock bands have been doing since the old days, we’re simply carrying on the tradition.

You’ve just put together your debut album, how does it feel to have it out?

It feels great to finally have something to give to people. Stoked!

What made you decide to make it self titled?

We just couldn’t decide on a good enough title haha. We got a bit lazy there but it works for us.

What inspired you to record the album live in your bedroom?

Not having any money to record the album anywhere else but a bedroom. Plus we all dig the DIY recording aesthetic and I feel it really suits our music.

Was it hard to achieve the sound you wanted with limited microphones or studio equipment?

Not really. We all just set up our instruments in Jase’s bedroom like we would when we’re jamming, chucked the mics wherever then hit record. We didn’t think about it too much and we’re pleased with how it sounded with suck minimal effort.

Three of the songs had girls names as their title, are these songs names after anyone in particular?

Alana is a real person. The real Alana is Goldy’s girlfriend and she came up with our album artwork. The other girls are generally fictional. We didn’t realise until we put the track listing down that pretty much all these songs are about girls. They are inspirational.

Given the band has three singers, how do you work out who sings what?

Usually the songwriter of a particular song will sing the lead vocal and the other two lay down some backing vocals. There are a few songs like ‘Some Girls’ or ‘Do You Really Want Me?’ where we’re all singing at the same time too.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I like to listen to it occasionally to work out how to make it better (or where we’re going wrong haha). We listened to this album a lot throughout the recording and mixing process so we probably don’t need to listen to this one for a while.

What music do you listen to?

All the legendary Perth bands! Doctopus, Ham Jam, Aborted Tortoise, Fox Jellyfish, Wheelers of Oz, The Spunloves… the list goes on and on and on. Internationally I really dig Foxygen, Natural Child, Mac DeMarco. We listen to a lot of Beatles, Beach Boys and Stones too.

What do you plan on doing after your tour?

Hopefully record the next album really soon and get it out this year too or maybe an EP or two. We have a buttload of songs we just need to find a place to put ‘em.


Thee Gold Blooms self titled debut album is out now on Pavement Records / Shock. Check out the band’s Facebook page to find out more!