Following his successful and critically acclaimed debut album This was tomorrow, Seth Sentry has returned with a new single and a tour round Australia. Tomatrax caught up with Seth to ask a few questions.

You’ll be touring round Australia next month, what can fans expect from your show?

A very excited Seth Sentry & DJ Sizzle back at it after a long break. A whole new show from the ground up. Bunch of new songs & of course the friends Coin Banks & Citizen Kaye.

In addition to the capital cities, you’ll be playing in some of your “favorite regional stops” including Bunbury and Maroochydore what made you choose these locations to play at?

Well I’ve always had dope shows in Bunbury, heaps of energy, dudes go fuckin wild. I just love playing regional shows so if there’s ever a way to squeeze them in I will.

You’re also working on your second album, how will it compare with This was tomorrow?

I think it’s similar to run sonically, a lot more confident & technical (raps wise) than This Was Tomorrow. I really just wanted to rap way gooder on this album. Plus Styalz Fuego (Float Away, Vacation) is handling all of the production this time round.

What made you pick Run as the first single from the album?

It just felt like a good representation of what I’m trying to do with the album. Plus i’d never really done a song that was that nostalgic before.

Was the Waitress Song based on anyone in particular?

Yeah absolutely, I wrote it about her & never got the chance to play it for her. She quit (or got fired) the day before I came back in to play it for her.

The song has seen you gain critical acclaim and commercial success, did you have any idea it would have this impact when you wrote it?

To be honest no I didn’t, I wasn’t even going to include it on the EP in the first place.

Has the initial acclaim and success made you feel any pressure in making music?

Nah not really, you can’t really think about that sort of stuff, you’ve just got to make music that you want to hear.

You’ve also made a number of guest appearances for artists like Pez, 360 and Bliss n Eso, how does this working in a collaboration compare with doing your own work?

It’s different, less pressure & more fun I think, you just get to concentrate on making your one verse the best it can be.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Modest Mussorgsky would be pretty dope.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Never. After writing it, mixing it, mastering it, rehearsing it & performing it, I feel it’s everybody else’s music from that point onwards.

What music do you listen to?

Heaps man, I listen to a lot of rock music, punk, 90’s seattle grunge.

What else do you have planned in 2015?

Finishing off this album, a whole bunch of touring both local & international. Also I think there’s a new unchartered game coming out….