Winchester based experimental music label Hawk Moon Records have put together their fourth concept compilation. This time around they have challenged 19 of their artists to put together a song going for exactly one minute.

The compilation shows off the bulk of the best independent drone artists that have come out over the past few years. Good Weather for an Airstrike put forward a heavy industrial, yet chilling and dark offering in Covered in wires. Absent without leave provide some soft and dreamy vibes with Toy Box. Damn Robot’s Public display of rhythm, mixes various audio samples with a consistent beat. Caught in the wake forever’s Crayon info winter consists of a warped piano covered with curious distortion sounds giving of a uneasy vintage feel. Oathless provides a spacey Robert Mill-esq new age offering with Friction.

As the artists on the compilation usually produce songs that are much longer than one minute, the tracks don’t quite achieve the same level of feeling. Nevertheless this compilation works as a perfect introduction to the label and style of music with snippets of 19 great done artists!

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