Following the critical acclaim of their debut, self-titled album, Melbourne five piece Mercury White are back with their new EP. Full of emotion while also putting on a big rock sound, this release shows the band is continuing to develop their sound!

The EP’s signle, Déjà vu C’est la vie, is a massive stadium rock tune with elements of Muse and Arcade Fire. The big energetic sound is complemented by the solid, gravely vocals that give the song a rugged edge to the otherwise polished sound.

Bullet for my baby is a sombre rock anthem sounding like Bruce Hornsby crossed with Muse. The band create a big atmospheric sound. The violins give the songs a unique twist while the piano holds the various elements together. On top of this the husky, gravelly vocals add to the emotion of the song.

Finally, the title and closing track to the EP is a soft but deep rock ballad reminiscent of early Live. The combination of lead piano and guitar creates a great contrast of soft heartfelt emotion and roaring rock. As a result all kinds of textures and colour come flowing out across the duration of the track.

This is a great EP with three rock solid tunes on offer!


Check out Mercury White’s webpage to find out more!