This is EP number two from Pluto Jonze. On offer are 5 quite offbeat pop rock tunes that combine the quirkiness of Ween, the experimentalism of The Beatles, and the catchy indie rock sounds of Weezer!

The EP opens with the offbeat and hard humored Wear purple at my funeral. The track has a strange, creepy amusement part feel to it while also been bright and poppy, created a myriad of contrasts that work in a weird but wonderful way. Breakfast in Korea has a strange psychedelic feel reminiscent of the Beatles more experimental moments while also having a poppy electronic exterior that holds everything together.  The title track is a slow burning indie tune with a mix of 90s indie rock and experimental prog rock, creating a slick poppy track that has a lot of strange twists to it. Too much money sounds like a heavier and busier version of Beck, with a curious screeching rapping vocal delivery backed with a heavy rock sound track. The EP closes with a great big blast courtesty of the surfy ska-esq Foolin with Nature. The song races around with great energy and a massive sound!

This is a very likely EP full of off-beat tracks that are packed with energy, humor, and a lot of fun!



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