Once again South Australia’s jazzy 5-piece Pimpin’ Horus has put out a release full of lively energy that makes you want to get up and dance. Firing on all cylinders, each member puts in exceptional flair into the sound creating intense activity from all angles. The band are once again having a lot of fun in the process of making the record which translates into a massive party vibe the whole way through.

Marionette (with a knife) opens the album up with a blast of energy and light. The funky lead guitar exerts a massive energetic vibe that charges along with great gusto. Schadenfreude brings in a bit more of a rock vibe into the mix with a killer guitar solo towards the end. Touch Up has an amazing piano going through the song giving it a slight wild west feel, while still having the strong jazz vibe. Learning to Salsa has a massive live feel to it, making you feel like you are in a crowded bar! Pocketful of rubber sees some brass combine with the jazzy sounds adding a further layer of depth. Once again there is a great live feel with crowd sounds in the background and a truck load of energy and pzazz!

Pimpin’ Horus have continued their powerful charge of energetic and infectiously lively jazz! East track is filled with colour, life, and above all a heap of fun!

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