This is release number three from 16 year old music producer Ruairi O’Brien AKA ODAE. This is quite a dreamy collection of songs. It’s the sort of album you can put on, lie back and just let it flow. Like the work of Sigur Ros and Good Weather for an Airstrike, if you do this you may find yourself lulled into sleep as a result. While there is certainly a relaxing vibe throughout the record there are all manner of curious twists and turns ranging from subtle background samples to the song taking a sudden turn into a completely different and unexpected direction with elements of ambient, trip-hop, industrial, and synth-pop all finding a place somewhere along the half hour duration.

The album opens with the droning sounds of Roil. Various industrial distorted steam their way into the mix with a subtle piano beginning before being drowned out.  The Crunch period has a slightly more poppy feel with an upbeat drum beat taking the front stage of a curious noises. It soon calms down with sounds of water slowly drifting by leading into the ambiance of My name is number seven. Here the sounds float along weightlessly and in no particular rush. As it progresses it takes on a jazzy feel with some talking in the background. Just sees the music teleport far away with a soothing vibe that makes you feel like you are floating through space discovering all sort of weird and wonderful phenomena along the way. Dollar bill language takes on an electronic / dance feel sounding like something an 80s synth pop group complete with a catchy drum beat and some cute keyboard effects. The EP closes with the trip-hoppy sounds of 418. The subtle industrial samples going in and out of the song make for a compelling soundscape.

This is a very promising release with some great sounds and an overall chilled out vibe. If you are into down tempo chilled out ambient music then this is an artist to be on the lookout for!