Evergreen Artists has just been launched showing off some of the best up and coming artists. Tomatrax caught up with Michael Mckiernan from the agency to talk about the music being nched!


What inspired you to start your own music agency?

I started this joinery as a musician who simply wanted to know more about the industry that I was directly involved with. After working many different positions for various agencies, I decided to go out on my own in order to create an agency so that I could choose to work with artists that I love.

Where did the name Evergreen Artists come from?

When I was recording with my band Red Beard, we tracked at a studio called Evergreen Studios. I am good friends with the owner of Evergreen Studios, and I basically pitched my idea, which he loved! I love the name because it represents the organic way in which we develop artists, and highlights the fact that we are here to develop sustainable careers.

Is there any particular types of artists you are looking to promote?

I love music from a vast variety of genres, and wish to work with talented artists across the board, that are driven, and understand what it takes to make some noise in this industry. Ultimately though, there are no limits to Evergreen Artists roster. As long as we love the music, and vibe with the band, we’re keen.

Can you list some of the artists you’ve signed and talk a bit about the music of each?

At this stage I am yet to announce my permanent artist roster, which I will unveil in 2015. I am currently working with the below artists, on a temporary basis (which of course I hope to develop into long standing relationships):

THIS FIASCO – This Fiasco are an outstanding post hardcore outfit from Melbourne, who have just released their latest single ‘Longshot’, taken from their upcoming EP. They have played with the likes of Hands Like Houses, Buried In Verona, Tonight Alive, In Hearts Wake, Iwrestledabearonce, Oh Sleeper, Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig and D at Sea, whilst successfully headlining multiple tours throughout the country.


PAPER LIONS – Canadian dream pop heroes, who are about to make their Australian debut, playing Woodford Folk Festival in December, followed by a run of Australian dates. They have written a fairy tale story of success back home, and are getting ready to launch into Oz in a huge way.





SEA LEGS – Sea Legs have conquered hearts and minds throughout Australia over the last several years, most recently with the release of their single ‘Christopher Strong’, which scored airplay on Triple J & Triple M, whilst charting on the Hype Machine Twitter Charts. Look out for these guys.



Do you make any music yourself?

Yes, on a daily basis. Music is my life (cliche, I know)! I currently play in an Australian band called Red Beard, and have played in many different projects over the past 10 years. Apart from that, I generally find myself tracking in my home studio on my lunch breaks. I find it helps keep me driven as a publicist.

Are there any live launches planned for the agency?

Definitely. We haven’t made any announcements as of yet, however this will be coupled with the announcement of our permanent roster in 2015. We’re so excited for this!


Check out the Evergreen Artist website to find out more!