Formerly playing with Behind Crimson Eyes and Illy, Cam Gilmour has taken on making music as a solo artist with this his second EP.

The EP consists of 5 instrumentals, each short, sweet, and to some extent self contained. The tracks dabble in a number of styles including hip-hop, trip-hop, ambient, and New Age, with the music casually drifting from one to the next. As a result, each song provides a journey full of twists and turns while also having a relaxed vibe to it.

The blues is the blues is the blues is a beautiful piano led tune. The slow melancholic notes create a powerfully emotional feel. Black Bones has a more chilled electronic feel to it with elements of Robert Mills. The mix of a trip hop drum machine and a synth-guitar sound creates a big all encapsulating atmosphere. The Old man and his tea continues in a similar vein but with a bigger sound and a lot more activity. Swimming with water bears acts like a sort of warm down with a softer more ambient feel. The EP closes with the The Long Game. This takes the listener off on a spacey journey that includes revisiting the various elements of hip-hop, trip-hop, and New Age lead by a beautiful piano.

This is a lovely collection of instrumental tunes that manage to pack in a heap of activity while remaining chilled out at the same time.