After a 10 yeah hiatus, 1200 Techniques have returned with a new single, Time has come. They will be touring in support of the single and putting out an EP early next year. Tomatrax caught up with DJ Peril to talk about the band’s return.

It’s been around a decade since 1200 techniques’ last release, what have you been up to over this time?

We’ve all been working on various music and solo projects from N’fa, myself, and Kemstar, me personally I just went back to doing what I do best and that’s Dj-ing and kept up my graffiti artwork, as well as always coming up with new tracks and putting them away for a rainy day. And that rainy day has come, and I have many more tracks I’d like to put out.

What inspired you to start putting music out again?

I was basically accumulating tracks in my computer and thought if we don’t put them out now, that we never would. I was well over due to put something out as well as the group.

You’re also about to play your first live shows in 10 years, is it hard to prepare to a show after a long time off?

I think one of 1200’s strongest points is their live show. We have been putting in some serious rehearsals to get our chops back with the classic material and put a lot more work into making sure the new material was working. I’m glad to say after many rehearsal’s that we’re getting that old feeling back for our first show in 10 year at Howlers!

What can fans expect from your shows?

Just like we did it back in the day you can expect lots of sweat and crazy energy on stage from us. I think we’ve grown into better musicians over the course of time. We have our original drummer Richie C with us, which really adds to that original 1200’s flava! As well as Kemstar playing way more guitar on the EP, as well as live. I myself have taken on a little more vocals and N’fa will be connecting and hyping up the crowd as he does best.

What was the inspiration behind the video for Time Has Come?

Well, I actually co-produced the film clip with Tristan & Michael, and the inspiration actually came from David at our label, Rubber Records – suggesting that we should use some old footage. I was like “great idea, done”.

So I went on a mission to dig up as much old footage as I could find and came up a little short until Kemstar rang me and said he was cleaning out his place and found a whole box of 1200 VHS tapes, which is what we need to make everything stick. The clip shows our journey of where we came from to where we are right now. Sort of a 4 minute recap, if you will, from past to present.

You have an EP coming out early next year, how will the rest of the EP compare with the single?

Time Has Come is just a taste of what’s to come. Personally I think we have at least 4 possible singles off the EP, as there was a good 6 years lead up to it – and some tracks we had been working on right up until the present day. No track was rushed, as we like to put out tracks we’re happy with.

As our name suggests we have to many styles to mention, so expect the unexpected, of course with our unique 1200 sound & production.

You produced and mixed the EP in your bedroom, is it important to use this DIY approach to making music?

Honestly I produced all 1200’s tracks in my bedroom from Choose One and Consistency Theory, and with the new EP, I did just the same. Personally I don’t think it’s a necessity to record in a huge studio unless you’re a totally big rock or live band that needs to be in a big studio to bring that flava.
We record live at home, but more so – one song live at a time, so we don’t need that type of size studio.
I actually mixed and produced everything at my place, and at least that way you get a more hands on feel to what you’re trying to create and achieve.

What made you choose to use PledgeMusic in releasing your EP?

It’s a great way to connect with your core fans on a more personal level, and gives them an opportunity to grab some rare and nostalgic items, as we appreciate our fans first and foremost, as they stuck with us this whole time, as well as introducing a whole new market to our sound & history.

Looking forward to seeing people rocking our vintage 1200 Tees.
Peeps can grab some original hand drawn Peril print’s as well as Adnate prints, and vintage 1200s Vinyl. You can even organize a 1200s house party if you want. I love that we have kids tees as well.
Would love to see some fresh kids cruising around in prams rockin’ a 1200’s tee!

You’ve said you have more music in the vault, are there plans to put out further releases?

I have many more tracks in the studio ready to go, let’s just put out the EP and then we’ll get to those other tracks and perhaps a full length album, one step at time, stay tuned as there is a whole lot more to come.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I listen to my own music so much in it’s early productions stages until I think it as good as it can get. Then I have to mix it down and hear them again and after it’s been mastered I don’t usually listen to my tracks for a good couple of months, because you almost get sick of them, and need that space in between to appreciate them again.

What music do you listen to?

For me, personally I listen to a whole lot of rare and classic music from the 50’s till right now, ranging from funk, hip hop, soul, reggae, blues etc.… I would say I get mainly inspired by the old skool jams and a little of right now and mix the best of both worlds.

What do you plan on doing after your EP is released?

We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out, one step at a time, as we’re just growing back into our shoes. If all goes well you’ll see a full album, and an Australian tour early next year, after that I can’t say, but myself and the band are all gearing up for a big 2015 and of course the release of our 1st new recording in a decade called, Time Has Come, which is out Jan 23rd 2015 – stay tuned.

1200s is looking forward to tearing the roof of the sucker at our first live gig in 10 years at Howler’s on Dec 17th this year. I hope to see all our old & new peeps down there.

Time Has Come Launch Show
With Special Guests Condensed Milk

Wednesday 17 December @ Howler, Melbourne VIC (18+) *new date
7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick | Tickets on sale from Moshtix.com.au

If you’d like a photo and/or live review pass let me know!

1200 Techniques – Time Has Come EP will be available on Friday 23 January through Rubber Records.