Alla Spina are an up and coming Brisbane outfit who combine the energy of punk and ska with pop melodies and a gritty hard rock finish. They will be showing off their music as part of the Upcoming RAW showcase in Brisbane. Tomatrax caught with Leilani the band’s keyboardist, to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
No bands were playing the style we liked so we decided to take it up ourselves. Also, we have always wanted to be in a band so we finally are living our dream.
What inspired you to use Pumped Up in Italian as your band’s name?
It also means “on tap” as in “beer on tap” in Italian then we later learned that it is slang for “pumped up” which fits even better. We also just really like what it sounded like. I was in Italy and I heard the phrase and instantly thought “that’s the name!” and the band wasn’t even formed yet.

You will be playing at the RAW showcase this week, what can fans expect from your show?
It’ s always hard and fast, dynamic and dangerous. Big tempo changes and energetic twists!
How did you get involved with RAW?
We saw an ad for it and thought it would be another great way to get more exposure and meet other artists.
You recorded a song as part of QUT’s 100 song project, what was it like to be part of this?
It was great. Not only because it gave us a more experience in a recording studio but it allowed our music to be heard by more people as well as people in the media and the industry.

You released your debut EP in 2012, are there plans for a follow up release?
We are currently recording some new songs which will be released on 7″ inch vinyl and it will hopefully be out early next year.

You also did a collaboration with Brisbane hip hop artist, Yojay Chillin. How did this partnership come about?
We met Yojay at the launch of a compilation of multicultural Brisbane artists called “In Between”. We had both recorded tracks for it and we liked each other’s music so we played a few shows together and ended up asking him to record some verses on a remix of our track off the EP, “No Rest For The Wicked”.

Your bio says you have plans on touring internationally, did you have anywhere specific in mind?
We are planning on going to Los Angeles next year to do a tour in Southern California. It’s where a lot our favorite bands come from and we know a reggae rock band over there called Papafish so hopefully we will do a few shows with them.
When writing what comes first, the words or the music?
Sometimes the music come first and sometimes the lyrics. We enjoy writing both. They are both an art in their own right. And sometimes the music shapes the lyrics and lyrics shapes the music.
Do you ever listen to your own music?
All the time. Because it’s our favourite style of music. And you can get ideas on how to do things better.
What other music do you listen to?
We all have bands in common that we all like and there are some differences too. We listen to everything from metal to hardcore, punk, Latin, ska, reggae, pop, rock, dance. We all like 90’s ska and punk bands that’s for sure!
What does Alla Spina have planned in 2015?
Releasing a 7″, playing as many shows around Australia and touring overseas in LA.

Alla Spina will be playing at the RAW Showcase at the Met on Thursday 20 November. Check out the RAW page to find out more!