The Vines have returned with album number six. Moving to their own independent label and changing their line up quite significantly, they have put out their first double album. Each disc was written and recorded completely independently of the other giving off two subtly different sounds.

Disc 1 is pretty much a return to The Vines of old, albeit with a significantly changed line-up. There are the loud thrashes of heavy rock paired with the cool calm vocals that turn into chaotic screaming. Basically if you have been hanging out for another Vines album for the last few years this will more than provide the fix you are after while also offering a fresh feel. The CD opens with the thrashing and heavy hitting sounds of Metal Zone. This has all the aggression and energy that the Vines have been known for while also managing to sound fresh and new.

The loud grungy sounds of Ladybug continue the big sound charge while Green Utopia brings out the tight garage rock sound.Killing the planet is a laid back sombre tune with a hint of Alice in Chain’s lighter moments. Venus fly trap is a soft and spacey tune in the vein of the later Beatles’ softer moments. The title track works as a solid rock anthem, starting out with the standard rock feel it gradually evolves climaxing at the end with a massive rocking jam that is full of energy and atmosphere! The Disc closes with the dark and unnerving sounds of Into the fire.

Disc 2 is a tighter, faster affair with all songs bar the closer clocking in under the two and a half minute mark. There is a big contrast throughout the disc between loud surges and soft and mellow sounds, each working well at emphasising the other. Reincarnation packages up the Beatles’ psychedelic sounds into a slick 2 minute punk rock tune. The brave experiment is successful in creating something that is spacey and experimental but still short sweet and energetic. Truth is a powerful highlight, packing the loud roars away and instead putting out a soft and heartfelt vibe with some nice melodic “sha la la la”s. Everything else sees the Vines at the heaviest, with loud screeching distortion and even louder aggressive screams this sees the band really thrash things out before suddenly calming down with the soft sounds of Fly away. The CD closes with its longest song (going for just over three and a half minutes) in the form of the soft yet aggressive Funny thing.

This is an effective return to form from the Vines. It may not have the same inpact that their debut had some 12 years ago however it does show that the band are back and still have what it takes to produce great rock music!

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