Obscura Hail is the collection of musical work by Wollongong based Sean Conran. This, the latest EP was completely self-recorded & self-produced by Mr Conran. As a result there is minimalist and lonesome feel coming out similar to that of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. With very minimal instruments a stunning atmosphere is created taking you away to a wood cabin out in the country.

Thrill in hiding opens the EP with a mix of rainy field recordings and a soft and subtle guitar. As it progresses the field recordings subside to bring out a lovely folk tune with slightly twangy vocals and some nice harmonica work giving off a powerfully rural atmosphere. Newton and the bad apple is a simple acoustic folk song. While the arrangements are quite simple a lot of colour and life flows out courtesy of the heart felt yet calm delivery.

Thrown into the sea is a major highlight to the record, mixing a melancholic and placid soundscape to a more aggressive guitar the tune paints a vibrant picture with contrast of violent and calm ocean waves. The EP closes with the guitar driven instrumental An older veneer that allows Mr Conran to show off his great guitar skills!

This is a lovely collection of songs that are bare, raw, but ultimately quite beautiful.

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