Horror-surf rockers Doc Holliday takes the shotgun are back with another chilling EP! When thinking of what this sounds like many and varied artists come to mind ranging from the Beach Boys and the Shadows to Joy Division to Fantomas. The different elements work, creating something that is weird, a little creepy but ultimately quite amazing! The tracks are all weaved together with a live improvised jam that makes for one continuous piece.

Aokigahara is a chilling surf rock tune with dark post-punk undertones sounding like the Beach Boys being reworked by Joy Division. The result is curiously creepy yet strangely endearing, climaxing with a crazy amusement park / psychedelic instrumental break!

The Dirt opens with a Shadows-esq lead guitar and then descends down some dark corner as the freaky horror atmosphere takes over. Shipwrecked as a subtle early B-52s feel to it only in a much more dark and chilling way. The music races along with great surfy fair while also being chilling and chaotic. Dora Creek as a classy / jazzy feel to it, feeling like something that would be played at a barn dance attended by the undead. Kind of the Moon is a spacey surf rock tune. There is a jazzy danceable tune underneath with a unsettling atmosphere surrounding the sound.

The EP closes with the menacing country / western sounds of No Frills. The eerie sounds give off a great horror journey making you feel like you are traveling through a remote country road in the middle of the night.

This EP is really something else! There is a dark and chilling atmosphere that goes right through the record, at the same time there are all manner of curious sounds including catchy tunes and surfy guitar hooks. This is one of the most innovative, and compelling EPs around!

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