Canberra’s Citizen Kay has already received a fair amount of acclaim for being a promising new hip hop artist with the success of his debut single Yes. This, his first album, confirms he has some amazing abilities to show off! Across the eight tracks, various styles of hip-hop / rap are explored all being pulled off with exceptional flair. Citizen Kay’s vocal delivery is extremely tight and intense making every song charge along with great gusto. On top of this the lyrics are extremely thought provoking covering everything from breakups to gang wars to work alcoholism all of which are delivered with great passion and feeling.

The album opens with Citizen K’s already acclaimed single Yes. Putting out a big sound and tight rapping the track sets the scene with a ball of uplifting energy.

Raise a glass brings in a jazzy brass section courtesy of the Brass Knuckle Brass Band giving the song a great funky vibe. Freedom is a major highlight to the record. The dark unnerving soundtrack paints a vivid and confronting soundscape that is topped off by the provoking lyrics delivered with great power and passion.

Chosen is a dark offering with a slow but intense sound giving off a feeling of wondering around an abandoned alley at night. The tight sombre rapping is paired nicely with the softer vocals of Benjamin Joseph.  Nice & is a soft mellow tune. Flowing along in a soft and minimalist way it creates a great chilled vibe.

This is a fantastic release that really shows off Citizen Kay’s musical range and ability. His phenomenal rapping ability is undeniable while his clever use of sounds create brilliant soundtracks to his words giving even more depth! This is easily one of the best rap albums out at the moment!

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