This is the second offering from Blue Mountains/Sydney’s Blackbreaks. Featuring former iNsuRge front-man Chris Dubrow alongside MM9’s Kerry Fouke this EP manages to pick up where both outfits left off. There is the powerful, politically influenced lyrics and intense hard hitting feeling of iNsuRge as well as the heavy, loud, and innovative guitars of MM9.

Need Machines is a rough and raw heavy rock tune sounding somewhere between the Foo Fighters and Ministry. The industrial background mixes with the rocking guitars well to paint the ironic soundscape while also exerting a heap of energy.

One thing more takes the heavy industrial sound even further with racing sounds and distorted vocals taking you on a furious and confronting ride from the word go. Next comes a creative interpretation of The Triffid’s Raining Pleasure. Replacing the soft vocals of Jill Burt is are mechanical and menacing voices backed with an intensive industrial backdrop. The result is an amazing cover version that both sounds completely different to the original while still doing justice to the song’s theme and feeling. The EP closes with the country rocking Got nothing.

This is exactly the type of statement a debut release should have! This EP packs a punch with hard hitting and confronting blasts with no rest period. With the creative and thought provoking songwriting of iNsuRge and the hard hitting and energetic guitars of MM9, this is something to be excited about!

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