Jet Plane are a five piece Russian post-rock band. This is the band’s third release. On offer are seven instrumental tracks, ranging from five and a half to elevent minutes in length and going for a total of sixty minutes. The songs’ length allows the various ideas and concepts to be fully explored with no real rush for them to reach their end destination. While there are no words in the album there is certainly a lot said. Each track brings forth vivid imagery courtesy of lush soundscapes aided with carefully precise notes.

The album opens with the beautiful sounds of Laurel Trees / 21 Guns. The music is reminiscent of Mick Oldfield’s Ommadawn album, with a vivid earthy sound coming through making you feel as if you are exploring a forest. There is a great uplifting vibe that comes through the sound courtesy of a gentle but energetic lead guitar.

The title track has a Shadows feel to it with a strange eastern twist. As the track progresses it builds in depth and energy before completely thrashing out in full metal style, similar to Tool’s instrumental moments.

Slow rock has a soft metal feel to it reminiscent of the Mogwai’s work. There is amazing attention to detail with little notes coming in at just the right moment adding to the seamless flow of sounds that keep the song together and moving.

The slow and deep sounds of Fog give a chilling and dark feel as if you are out in the woods in the middle of the night.

Sundog is a big contrast to the album with a jazzy feel. While the other tracks are more focused on textures and sondscapes this tune is all about rocking out with a big energetic sound to boot. The song then lulls itself towards a subdued jam before then blasting out again at the end. This shows the bands ability to take on a more conventional sound and full it off with flying colours!

You can hear them whisper sounds somewhere between Mogwai and My Friend the Chocolate Cake. The nine and a half minute jam sees all sorts of weird and wonderful folk sounds weaved into the mix with some field recordings of children laughter added in to give a great rural atmosphere.

The album closes with the slow and sombre sounds of Whale. The great mix of ambiance of folk vibes create a breathtaking rural soundscape, while the heavy energetic blast in the middle of the track provides the one last journey before the record then warms down.

This is a fantastic record full of innovative and ultimately beautiful sounds. If you are into experimental instrumental music such as that produced by Mogwai or Mike Oldfield then this record is for you!

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