Melbourne’s four piece the Infants have just put out their second EP! Tomatrax caught up with Blaise Adamson from the band to talk about their music.

How did the band form?

Jack and I started making computer and vocal based music together when at the time he was in another band with Chris and Anthony. After we played our one and only live set, which was actually just a performance of me painting Jack on a stage, we decided we needed some other members to help broaden our potential. So I guess we absorbed them into our project and since then its become an over all collaborative effort.

Where did the name The Infants come from?

It was carried over from a project I had created with my friend Ryan McGill.

Your bio says your latest EP is more refined compared to your debut, was it important to achieve a more refined sound?

Evolution. It wasn’t necessarily purposeful,“refined” is not just about the sound of the EP, more so conceptually. It’s more matured and congealed in comparison to our first EP. We learnt a lot about the process of making music and grew a lot closer and confident as a group between the first and last set of recordings, and out of that we were able to reflect a story.

Where did the name Low Rumble come from?

It is a feeling or a sound – its an indication of something to come.

What was the inspiration behind the “video player” style clip for Apes?

We drew inspiration from the memories we had of budget channel 31 shows and art attack 90s shows that we grew up with. Particularly these videos form ‘Terminal Discharge’ a 1980’s channel 31 program

The story board we made for the shoot included everyone in it but unfortunate circumstances meant the others couldn’t be at the studio, so I just had to wing some shapes.

Guy, Tyson and Cato came up with the idea for the creepy crawleys they got inspiration form our first EP album cover (Octopus by Frances). The degradation of both the video and the music, + the progresses from simplicity to overwhelming complexity and chaos somehow happened in the mix… and it works!

Your bio also refers to you as restless experimenters, do you ever take on musical experiments that don’t work out?

Yeah of course, we make heaps of terrible music. The only way to find the good stuff is to play through the worst of it.

Your music has been compared to that of Grinderman, do you think that’s a fair description?

I am flattered but I would like to know exactly what they mean by that.

What are your live shows like?

I become an incoherent hot mess post show… don’t try and have a conversation with me, Jack has been known to vomit quite often, the shirt Anthony will be wearing is enough reason to come see us play, and Christopher well…..dat stasch.


You’ve released two EPs now, are there any plans to do an album?

Workin on it… We are currently trying to figure out a way to 3D print a microphone then once we do that we’ll build a studio from scratch get on a boat with all our shit and Archer Moore and record an album of songs we’ve hopefully written. We’re already playing songs that will probably be on it in our set … if you wanna come hear them.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Yes. Not often, but its like a time capsule, and it can re-inspire you or you can delete it from everywhere and pretend it never happened.

What other music do you listen to?

Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.

Now that the EP is out what do you plan on doing next?

“Low Rumble” will be out in a touchable form sometime soon and we potentially will make another video-clip for it…. whilst preparing to make the album which will hopefully be out mid next year.

Check out the Infants’ Facebook page to find out more!