Memory In Plant are a 3 piece progressive rock group from Israel. This is their debut EP and shows they have no interest whatsoever in conventional mainstream music!

This EP really sees experimentation taken to new levels. There are elements of jazz, rock, reggae, spacey prog rock, and just about any other kind of music genre you can think of mixed in somewhere in the EP.

The minute and a half opening track, which has the same name as the band, sets the scene of the EP. With a string of drones and guitar distortion, and a smattering of charismatic vocals on top, this paints a vivid industrial soundscape.

This love sounds like a Porcupine Tree album, compressed into two and a half minutes. For most parts there is a cool, calm vibe with energetic bursts of metal towards the end.
Shame on me has a strong reggae feel, moving from a fast and catchy intro towards a slow echoing middle and an intense industrial closing. The song has a strange spinning feel to it as the various elements race past creating a major roller coaster ride of sounds!
Eyes up has a curious Middle Eastern feel. The music races round with a festival feel full of energy and vibrance!

The closing track, Any dancing, is a major contrast to the EP. Instead of the fast and eclectic sounds, this takes on a slow and consistent ambient flow.

This is a brilliant EP that really pushes musical bounties. Like many releases of this nature, this is the sort of EP that needs to be listened to a few times to fully get it and allow the various sounds to fit in place. However like many releases that require a number of listens, once you get there you will find something amazing!

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