London’s Hanetration is back with another EP of experimental drone tunes.
This latest EP works as a cycle of “a day in the life”. Each track shows off a different aspect of the day. The slow ambient drones paint the picture giving you a feel of a typical day. It shows off some bleak and perhaps cynical outlook on life, yet at the same time shows off the moments of beauty and life that can be found amongst it.

Beginning with Morning, the start of the day. The track portrays the sun gradually rising from the darkness to start to shed light, as the song progresses the rays of light get brighter and increase in numbers and depth.
Begin gives the feel of starting work for the day. The heavy industrial sounds paint a grey and somewhat dreary impression as one goes though the motions of work and doing tasks over and over. There are occasional deviations in sound, representing the odd distraction in the day whether welcome or otherwise, with these soon passing by to return to the daily grind.

Fly is a short and sweet tune, going for 36 seconds it speeds past with a cool beat before drifting off again, showing the rest of the day just “flying” by.
Wither sees the music wind back down giving off a feeling of numbing despair as life continues to drag on monotonously.
Finally Sundown marks the end of the day. There is a mix of slow ambient vibes in the background representing the warm down from a tiring yet eventless day. On top of this is some active banging and clumping showing the mind still racing from the day gone and thinking of the next to come. Eventually the thumping and clumping slows down to sleep, but almost grudging as the final thought keep on until finally exhaustion takes over.

As is often the case with ambient drone music, it is an acquired taste and requires some attention and patience to truly “get it”. However those that do take the time with this offering will find something quite vivid and eye opening!

Check out Hanetration’s bandcamp page to find out more!